FILM_reel_02CEO Chris Reed talks to entrepreneurs in this Inc. magazine exclusive interview.

gmo-freeReed’s was started in 1989 by Chris Reed. His research into the history of sodas found soft drink recipes from before the beginning of the modern soft drinks industry…

He found that back in the early log cabin days, the pioneers couldn’t go to the store and buy soft drinks, they brewed their own sodas. They didn’t make them the way modern commercial soft drinks are made, even the so called natural ones. They brewed them in their kitchens, directly from roots, spices and fruits. These early soft drinks, besides being natural and delicious, were also healthy. Many folk used them as herbal tonics.

Each batch of Reed’s Ginger Brew is a throwback to these hand crafted brewed sodas and is made with pride. Each batch is carefully brewed and aged like fine wine in small batches by our expert brewmasters. We choose only the finest fresh herbs, roots, spices and fruits to make our brews. We won’t let sugar, preservatives or artificial anything spoil Reed’s natural taste. We now have 7 versions of our famous Reed’s Ginger Brews the first commercially brewed sodas in the world and winner of national and international gourmet food awards.

In 2000, Reed’s bought Virgil’s Root Beer, a three-time Outstanding Beverage Award winner of the National Association of the Specialty Food Trade (the national organization for the gourmet food trade), from Ed Crowley another fanatic of real authentic brewed sodas. Since then we have expanded the Virgil’s line to include many other flavors.

In 2012, we started brewing Kombucha. Our special probiotic Kombucha culture is grown in a special tea blend brewed from yerba mate and oolong tea and spring water. Our creative Kombucha blends use ingredients that are uniquely flavorful and always functional.

Whatever we do, we always search for the best ingredients and take the time to brew a superior beverage. Our customers appreciate our passion, care and attention to detail and their support has made us the top-selling beverage in the natural foods industry.

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We look forward to hearing your feedback once you’ve tried our products, and we hope you love our products as much as we love making them!

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