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St Patrick’s Day-After Cure

There is a mathematical rule that applies to St. Patrick’s Day. The amount of fun you have on March 17th, no matter how infinite, is directly proportionate to how terrible you feel the next morning. But Reed’s Ginger Brew is here to fight this unfortunate rule and get you back to your life. The properties… Read More →

What the heck is Stevia?

  The first time you heard the word whispered at the gym or at the doctors office you didn’t know if it was the secret code for an underground weightloss club or the newest pop group your daughter will be listening to. Either way- there was a mysterious excitement whenever someone started talking about it,… Read More →

Ginger is for Lovers

Ginger has been used throughout history as an aphrodisiac. And anyone who has tried a Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew knows that ginger has just the amount of heat to warm up this chilly February holiday. The aphrodisiac powers of ginger are supported by philosophy and scientific medical fact, but the stories and legends that are… Read More →