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How is ginger brew made?

People often ask me: “How is your ginger brew made?” My answer? With love and happiness. Well that is the truth really. Of course we use raw ginger, real natural honey and filtered sparkling water, but the most important ingredient is good healthy fun. The fact is that most companies that make soda generally make… Read More →

Magic by garethjmsaunders

Ginger is magic?

From helping you get money to getting rid of tropical storms, ginger apparently has been used to do it all.

It’s all in the root.

During 13 and 14th century in England Ginger was so sought after that one-pound in weight of the rhizome was equivalent to the cost of a sheep!

Back to school

“Cold/flu and asthma stats apparently jump through the roof in September. So what can you do? Well, Ginger has been used for thousands of years to treat colds and flu as well as a preventative measure.”

Passionate about Ginger

Reed’s gets calls and emails every week for different uses people have for our drinks. Radio host Gary Meier of Chicago mega station WGN uses our chews as a digestive stomach settling agent. We hear from customers that use our drinks for migraines and that this is the only thing that allieviates the pain. The… Read More →