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Subject: Online Video for Reed’s Ginger Brew

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Subject: Virgil’s Root Beer

I personally am not a connoisseur of root beer. Oh, I like it and all that, but it’s not something I ever choose for a beverage or give much thought to. My 9 year old son is a different story. He lives for root beer. We’ve purchased several different brands over the years, just for a fun departure from the typical canned varieties. He has slowly but surely gravitated towards the “better” quality root beers. Until now, his favorite was a small micro brewed brand we could only find on vacation in the Southwest.

He had done well on his spelling test (a subject which gives him a certain degree of trouble) so for a reward I decided to pick him up a pack of a “nice” root beer.

We hadn’t ever tried Virgil’s before, so I grabbed a 4 pack and hauled it home. Predictably, the child promptly opened a bottle and cheerfully started slugging it down… then he paused and raised his eyebrows. “Mom, you gotta try this. It’s better than the stuff we got at Gram’s house.” I took a sip, and I have to say, this is definitely the best root beer I’ve ever tasted. After I tried it, rather than chugging it down, he sipped it slowly, rolling it around his mouth and leaving it on the counter when he went back to the living room to watch TV.

I actually found myself sneaking sips out of his bottle when he wasn’t looking! Astoundingly good work on your part; I mean I was actually SNEAKING my son’s root beer!!

Keep up the good work, and I can’t wait to try your Black Cherry Cream Soda!



Jennifer Mervine

Satisfied Customer

Subject: I Love Your Virgil’s Root Beer

I just wanted to let you know that about a year and a half ago, I found myself to have an allergic reaction to liquor of any form. After a trip to the ER and an epi pen injection later, I realized that I needed a new vice. I didn’t like caffeinated drinks, and well, after a while, sprite is kinda old. I came upon Virgil’s by accident. I simply liked the cover of the root beer bottle. I tried it and fell in love with the natural, brewed taste.

In fact, I have talked about your root beer so much every where I go, that it probably drives people insane =) But, I do love that, after constantly seeing my Facebook posts that there is only one root beer love for me, that they will go out and search for Virgil’s, to prove to me that I talk too much smack, and then to realize, that it is, in fact, the best root beer out there.

Even my bartender friends make a special trip to the local grocery store to buy me a case for when I frequent their bars…what can I say? I still like the live music and the great conversations…just can’t drink the liquor.

So, I wanted to thank you for my new trade-off. It is a great vice to have.


Your new friend,

Mona Glenn

Satisfied Customer

Subject: Reed’s Elixir

I wanted to thank you as I received my package of Reed’s Energy Elixir and I hope it’s okay for me to share a little feedback. Until I tried Reed’s, I had a very clear policy about the crop of new energy drinks that were suddenly everywhere; it was quite simply, No Way. Bursting with chemical compounds Icould not pronounce and additives that give each drink the childish hue of neon green or blue, they seem disrespectful to the full health of the people that buy them and instead provide artificial highs that likely leave a mysterious imprint on our longterm well-being.

Recently, while I was on vacation in San Francisco, I felt the heavy, accumulated weight ofseveral busy weeks and was sorry to feel so drained while I was taking a break. On a whim, my friend and I stopped at a convenience store and I saw a purple can of Reed’s elixir, a seemingly new offering from a company who’s ginger brews I’ve often enjoyed, so for the first time, I broke my own rule and bought one – at least I could pronounce all of the ingredients …and the effect was amazing! I’d like to thank you and your team for thoughtfully crafting a drink that gives a gentle lift without leaving lingering chemical residues – the goodness of ginger shines right through!

Having bought a package of 50 (and a very tiny bit of stock in the company) for my office, I’ve had a few since and my only wish is that it packed a littleless sugar. I wondered if you had any plans to adjust the formula so that it would be easier on the sweetness – in our hyper-sugar addicted world, I know that probably feels like heresy, but I feel like it’s beneficial gifts would elevate if the sugar was toned down a little. Is there a low-sugar version in the future?

Thank you so much for your time and good luck with Reed’s continued success.


Satisfied Customer

Subject: Reed’s China Cola


My wife used to be in love with Pepsi, which, for years, I tried to wean her from. After many failures, I finally won
the battle – armed with your REAL cola.

Thanks and keep up the great work.


Ross Dettman

Satisfied Customer

Subject: Virgil’s Root Beer Makes Great Father-And-Son Memories!

Dear Sir or Madam:

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy Virgil’s Root Beer. My dad and I go to the store for Virgil’s Root Beer. Then we sit and drink it together.

Please always continue making Virgil’s Root Beer.


Evan Jones

Satisfied Customer


Subject: I love you!

Dear Reed’s

I love you and your fantastical ginger brews. State to state and age to age, I have never found a brew better than yours. 8 years ago I used to smuggle the glorious extra spicy ginger brew bottles into high school in Montana, and while everyone else shared their “new fangled” Jones sodas and traded them from their lockers (it was a strange tradition) I brought bottles and bottles of healthy, invigorating Ginger Brew. All the boys preferred, nay, loved this beverage I brought to the yard, oh yes! And now, years later, after living in 8 states, I still carry it
with me.

Now, recently, as evil corporations have discovered the msg-like addiction of yeast and sugar, the market has been flooded with products rife with this new “healthy flavor additive” as American’s bodies suffer the consequences. I couldn’t even find a SINGLE can of soup or bag of chips (excepting tortilla) at the grocery store yesterday without yeast or sugar added to it! And I just discovered, oh yes, I just discovered, that you sweeten your premium brew with JUICE AND HONEY?!?!?! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! WITH ALL MY HEART THANK YOU! FOR ALL OF AMERICA, THANK YOU! THANK YOU FOR NOT USING SUGAR!!! Thank you for not selling into the cheap, addictive, immoral crisis of ill-gained profit in sacrifice of substance and real food.

For your quality ingredients, for quenching my ginger craving for almost a decade, and for imprinting thyselves as an indelible positive impression on the face of our lovely momma earth, I thank you infinitely.

You guys rock!

Satisfied Customer

Subject: Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew

Dear Reed’s

I really respect all these nice health-conscious people posting on yourpage about how they wish Reed’s had less sugar in it. I would definitely drink it even if it had less sugar in it. But honestly, I drank a lot of friggin’ bourbon last night, and snagging the last bottle of extra-ginger at the store just now has really made my life complete. I LOVE REED’S EXTRA GINGER BREW. Cures what ails ya, especially HANGOVERS!”

Idit Agam
Satisfied Customer

Subject: Virgil’s Bavarian Nutmeg Root Beer

Hi – wow!
Just tried your special addition Bavarian nutmeg root beer and it’s the best thing on earth!! My family and I have become root beer idiots, trying everything brewed and taking notes. Your special addition is the best on the market, period, stop the clock. My only wish is that your regular root beer, which is also exceptional, contained sassafras in place of or along with the heavy licorice/anise taste-not bad but unique. But both are very nice, we consider Virgil’s to be the best on the market, the special the best of the universe. Now, if you can improve by creating the ability to fax and/or email Virgils directly to me, then I could just stay home and enjoy. 😉
Thanks for the nice drinks. We know how much work it is-it’s bloody diffcult to brew soda and you guys nailed it.

Jay – Tucson AZ
Satisfied Customer

Subject: Virgil’s Diet Soda


Although I have never been one who drank a lot of soda growing up, I must say that after drinking your diet soda, I am impressed. I still don’t drink soda on a regular basis but when I do, it is Virgil”s diet.Wonderful tasting stuff you got there.




Robert Morris

Satisfied Customer

Subject: Cream Soda!


Just tried your cream soda…. It was awesome. And I don’t even like creamsoda.


Satisfied Customer

Subject: Reed’s Drinks are Awesome!

I just wanted to say:

I’ve been drinking your products since the summer, and as a connoisseur of vintage sodas, you guys definitely have the edge in today’s market. I truly admire your homage to the old style of soda brewing, and your flavors and ingredients to those flavors are superb. I love them all, but I believe I truly enjoy the strong ginger bite of the Extra Brew the most. It’s such a unique experience that it broadened my horizons on taste instantly! The Spiced Apple is also one of my favorites! Congratulations on your beautiful products, and thank you again for staying true to the seemingly lost art of true soda making!


Grayson Griffis
Satisfied Customer

Subject: Virgil’s Root Beer is the Best!

Hi there!!

I absolutely LOVE your beverages, your Virgil’s root beer is the best! We are always looking for preservative-free beverages. We know that preservatives/additives damage health and can cause all kinds of diseases in the human body. They are unnecessary. They are put in products for longer shelf life, at the detriment of human health. Nobody seems to care about people’s health anymore. But YOU care! For that reason, you will always have us as customers and we will spread the word around to others about how great tasting your products are and how good they are for you! So thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making a product that’s good for people to consume! And great tasting to boot!

We love you guys and please keep up the good work, people NOTICE what you are doing!!!




Satisfied Customer

Subject: Virgil’s Root Beer

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Alex, and I’m a college student. I’ve been a loyal customer and fan of Virgil’s root beer for many years.

Now, I consider myself (with precious little justification) something of an informal root beer connoisseur. I find a root beer I’ve never had before, and I catalogue it and rank it. And I thought I’d let you know that Virgil’s continues to be the top-ranked on my list, no matter what other brands I run across. It is hands down my favorite, and I’ve yet to introduce the brand to anyone and have them disagree.

Thank you for making such a treat to drink; I hope you continue to do so for a long time.


Satisfied Customer

Subject: A Birthday Gift of Virgil’s Diet Root Beer!


My father’s 60th birthday is coming up, and we are throwing a big celebration for him. When we asked what he wanted for presents, the one thing he requested was Virgil’s Diet root beer. He is completely obsessed and drinks multiple bottles every day! He even says he knows he has a problem 🙂 I just wanted to email your company to see if there’s anything special I could arrange for him. I didn’t really have anything specific in mind, but was just curious to see if you had any ideas.

Thanks so much for your time!

Erin Mayo

Satisfied Customer

Subject: Virgil’s Orange Cream Soda

To whom it may concern

I tried your Orange Cream soda the other day for the first time ever and I was so impressed! Normally I take two sips of a soda and I can’t take anymore because it’s overly sweet. But your all natural ingredients make this a real treat that is to be savored. I can’t wait to try all the flavors! The ginger soda is amazing as well. Thanks for providing quality, delicious, all natural products to your consumers.




Jessica Juliano

Satisfied Customer

Subject: Love It

This is the first time I have ever commented on a drink product, so if my words seem a little out of place, forgive.

I have purchased a case of Virgil’s Rootbeer and when I sit down to watch a DVD and just take one sip, I noticed something different. By the time I had finished half a bottle, I was relaxed and felt pretty darn good. That other half just put a cherry on top of something very good. I have found that I will purchase by the case. No more single-bottle business.

Thank you guys and gals for the fine product. I will drink as if it is meant for a King.




Charles Rodger

Satisfied Customer

Subject: Virgil’s Root Beer

To whom it may concern,


I have enjoyed Virgil’s Root Beer for many years and it has never failed to satisfy me. The reason for this email is that today I was especially impressed with Virgil’s. I accidentally left a half drunk bottle out all night and was very upset to see it that way. Knowing it was going to be flat and warm, I brought it to the sink to dump it out. Since I love your product so much, I decided that I should drink it anyway. To my surprise, Virgil’s was still delicious even after being warm and flat. If the entire bottle had been like that, I wouldn’t have minded. Granted, your product tastes a lot better when chilled, but I was glad to see that it didn’t become undrinkable after sitting out all night like every other soda I’ve tried.

Keep up the good work. You guys really know how to make a great drink.


Joe Richard

Satisfied Customer

Subject: Virgil’s Root Beer


Barritt’s Ginger Beer and Canada Dry doesn’t even compare to Reed’s I tried your brand 1 year ago at a Heath foods store and Now Reed’s is the only brand I drink. I always have a 4 pack of your extra, or premium ginger brews, and at least 6 bottles of Virgil’s root beer Thank you ever so much for creating such a great product.

I live in Maine by the way

Luke Gallant
Satisfied Customer

Subject: Virgil’s Rocks!

Dear Virgil’s Root Beer,

I am writing because your root beer is the best thing in the world! I hate A and W, and Mug. I only like yours! My name is James and I live in a small town called Darien, CT. I am ten years old and I love two things, sports and your root beer!

Your root beer is so sweet, and really bubbly and that’s what I like a lot about it. When I drink it, I swear it’s made in heaven.

When ever I go to the store with my mom, I always buy like five four-packs!

I just can’t tell you how much I love your root beer. I am easily going to drink it my whole life!


From Your Biggest Fan,


Satisfied Customer


Subject: Reed’s Natural Energy Elixir

To whom it may concern:

I write to express my satisfaction with your product, “Reed’s Natural Energy Elixir”. After having sampled your various Ginger Brews and thoroughly enjoying them, I found your energy elixir in one of the grocery stores I frequent. Not only does your product taste vastly superior to most energy drinks on the market, but it does its job well, without unhealthy chemicals or the jittery feeling most energy drinks or coffee give.


Thank you for providing me with a tasty and healthy alternative to coffee and other energy drinks.

Michael Kowalski

Satisfied Customer

Subject: Reed’s on the History Channel

Dear Reeds,

I’ve been taking flack from my teenage boys over the past several years
because of the packaging of your Ginger Brew beverages. They enjoy
making fun of me and telling their friends, “Mom’s hitting the bottle
again”. We were right in the midst of yet another of the ugly attacks
when what to my happy eyes appears????? Reed’s on the History Channel.
It was fantastic making the mockers watch your show with me!


Way to go!!!! Don’t change a thing!

Marlene in KY

Satisfied Customer


Subject: Apple Pie ala Mode


I am a big fan of Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew and drink it often. I recently found a bottle of Reed’s Spiced Apple Brew and tried it for lunch. It was so good that I had to go back to the store to get a few more bottles to try with vanilla ice cream because it tasted like apple pie and I love apple pie with ice cream. I also made two of my friends get off their diets to share in the experience with me.

I am now in love with my own version of an apple pie float.

Thank you for your wonderful brews!




Satisfied Customer


Subject: Online Video for Virgil’s Root Beer
I just wanted to take the time to write to your company and voice my absolute love for your Virgil’s Rootbeer. I came across your product one day while shopping in the “Natural Foods” section of my local supermarket. While I’m no rootbeer expert, I do like rootbeers over any other type of soda beverage.

This particular rootbeer caught my eye in the isle full of other natural soda selections. I brought it home and opened up a bottle with my dinner and what can I say. The taste was absolutely terrific, I have never tasted such a great rootbeer flavor, let alone a soft drink this good. I’m not even a fan of liquorish, but you folks take the taste to a whole new level.

Ever since that day I have been bringing home a 4-pack almost every week since November 2009. I even bought 2 of your Virgil Rootbeer party kegs for a party held at a bowling alley for my niece. And yes,it was the first drink to run out and you made more fans that day! Keep making drinks this great and I will keep buying your products. Thank you again and don’t ever change that rootbeer recipe!


click here to launch video


Subject: Online Video for China Cola

click here to launch video


Subject: Thank You!

I’ve been a long-time fan of Virgil’s Root Beer but recently, thanks to some nasty morning sickness, was prompted to give your Premium Ginger Ale a try. I picked it up at my local Whole Foods and figured even if it didn’t do a damn thing for my nausea, it would at least taste better than the Canada Dry alternative. Well…lo and behold if this stuff didn’t completely calmed my unhappy digestive system and ease what had, until then, been over a week of constant nausea!! Thank you SO much for your excellent product…I only wish I’d given it a try during my first pregnancy–I’m sure it would have provided me some much needed relief then too.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Jen “in morning sickness hell”

San Jose, CA





Subject: Satisfied Customer

Dear Customer Relations:

The reason I have written this letter is to tell you about why I enjoy your product. The product I am talking about is, of course, your Virgil’s Root Beer. It was first introduced to me when I saw it on the shelf of my local grocery store. I have enjoyed it ever since.

After tasting Virgil’s Root Beer for the first time, my taste buds tingled with the sweet all natural treat. The micro brewing of the beverage is a swell idea that helps keep the flavor. Virgil’s is not the same as the regular root beer, and that is what makes it so delicious with its natural ingredients. Whenever I go to the store I always ask my parents to get some Virgil’s Root Beer.

I have enjoyed Virgil’s Root Beer for many years. Does the micro-brewing process help the root beer keep its flavor? Also, how many bottles are filled per micro-brew? Thank you for your time to read this letter and have an excellent day.


Bryan Organ


Subject: More than a beverage!

To the Reed Ginger Brew Company,

I have recently browsed your web site because of my own curiosities and came across a paragraph describing how recovering alcoholics find your product appealing. After reading that statement, I felt compelled to write and share my own feelings.

I ended my relationship with alcohol about a year and a half ago. I began trying alternative beverages to fill the “void”. I eventually found that ginger ales and especially ginger beers were satisfying my unfulfilled cravings for something with “bite”.

I began searching for different types of ginger beers, much like I would for an elusive micro-beer. Eventually, I found it. Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew. My new “beer”. I wish I could truly describe what it means for me to find something during a time when nothing seemed to fit. Thanks for being there.




Subject: Satisfied Customer

Dear people of Reed’s Ginger Brew company,

I’ve recently sampled your product, and by recently I mean within the hour. After finishing my drink, I was so impressed with the taste that I’ve decided to promptly write an email expressing my satisfaction and enjoyment of your product. I have no clue about the brewing process, but whatever Reed’s does, it must be doing it right. This was my first time tasting Reed’s Ginger Brew, and I intend on making it one of my preferred beverages in the future. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.



Satisfied Customer



Subject: Organic Extra Extra, Thank You

Dear Chris Reed-

I am writing to tell you that I just LOVE Reeds ginger brews. I’m not generally the kind of person to write fan mail about consumer products, but I really love Reed’s. My favorite is the Extra ginger Brew.

I grew up in Michigan waaaaayyy back when Vernors (ginger ale)was still made in a small factory run by a local family in Detroit. Michiganders from the 50’s-60’s like myself remember that the ONLY thing to drink when not feeling well was Vernors (aged in oak barrels) because it worked. It’s flavor came to be associated with “feel good, feel better”, that kind of thing. Used to make ice cream floats…aaah, the best!

I believe it was in the mid 60’s that Vernors was sold to one of the large corporations and well… you know the rest. Now if you can find Vernors at all, it tastes like all the other sodas on the market- nothing natural whatsoever. I mention this because I think it is relevant that I have been a kind of ginger drinker from a young age. I am sure that there are health benefits to drinking Reed’s regularly. Improved digestion to be sure!

I am writing to ask you if you have ever considered making an Organic Extra or Organic Extra Extra ginger beer, for the truly serious drinkers like myself. All of the Reed’s brews are great, but knowing that the ginger and other ingredients were organic would make it that much better! If you ever do consider making an organic extra extra ginger beer, I hope to buy as much stock as I can beforehand as I am quite sure it will /would be a hit. Now, Reed’s is the ONLY soft drink I drink. Thank you for such a lovely product. Truly wonderful stuff.





Subject: Your Products

Hi, I just wanted to contact you and tell you how much I enjoy your Ginger Brew sodas. I have had stomache problems in the past and I can’t tell you how much RELIEF your Ginger brews bring me! I LOVE the taste…..I LOVE the way they make my tummy feel SO much better and I buy tons of them and keep them on hand. Please please keep up the good work….especially where your Ginger products are concerned. I couldn’t live without em’!! Thanks again for your wonderful Ginger brews and have a terrific day!!

Verrry Sincerely,


Redding, California




Have been drinking your ginger brew for years and just tasted the ice cream…awesome! Thanks so much for doing it right! Keep up the great work!

a fan -pamela


Subject: Oh My Dog!

I have been a fan of Reed’s products since I discovered Ginger Brew (even a bigger fan once I switched to “Extra”) several years ago. I’ve tried other products since then and have never been disappointed. After trying chocolate ginger ice cream last night, I had to let you know how extraordinarily wonderful I found it. It’s now one of my top three ice cream favorites. Any plans to produce a low-fat or low-fat frozen yogurt version? I need to be eating this in large quantities.

Thanks for the delicious treat. I will be certain to tell (and force it on) all my friends.



Subject: Great Product!

I just sampled my first taste of your ginger ice cream. It was heavenly. The flavor was wonderful-with both a ginger tang and the sweetness of the candied ginger, and the palatability , the feel of the ice cream on the mouth was amazing. Like homemade, only with more flavor. I hope to try many more samples over the years. Where is it available in the Detroit area?


Subject: Ice Cream!

Your ginger and green tea ginger is absolutely the best ice cream any of our family have ever tasted.

Thank you!




reed’s ginger ice cream….ooooohhh..mmmmmmm. sweet. light. creamy. ginger. blessed union of ginger and cream. oh how do i deserve to taste this angel upon my lips.

graces, V.



OH MY HECK! Your Chocolate Ginger ice cream RULES. I have loved chocolate covered ginger since I was a youngster. And now those yummy flavors are in ice cream. I’m e-mailing my ENTIRE ginger-addicted family so they can rush out and get some.










Subject: ginger green tea ice cream

Your ice cream is like a dream come true except I eat a pint at a time. Cannot put it down. It is so delicious, creamy and spicey and refreshing. I hope wild oats supermarket continues to order it. Otherwise I will die.

Thanx J.


Subject: Addiction!

Dear Reed’s

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your heavenly ginger ice cream. This is undoubtedly my latest passion and is sure to be life-long.

I can’t wait to try the other flavors…



Subject: Just Discovered….

For a few years I have been somewhat addicted to the Jamaican Ginger Brew – – even happily found it while living in Maine!! Now in Santa Fe, I just discovered the ginger ice cream….a moment ago, finished a pint of the green tea ginger. SO LUCIOUS….THANK YOU!!

J.E., a Happy Customer Indeed


Subject: greentea/ginger

Your Green Tea Ginger ice cream is the most delicious ice cream I’ve ever tasted. DO NOT EVER STOP MAKING IT!!!!!



Subject: ice cream

You people rule!!! Finally a wonderfully made ginger ice cream made with ginger pieces and chocolate! I have been waiting my whole life for this! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Now can you make a mango ginger?



Subject: your most exquisite ginger ice cream!

I discovered your unique ginger ice cream two months ago in Oliver’s Market. When I eagerly went back to the store for more, there was none. Horrors! I hunted down the ice cream person and requested they order more. When half a dozen pints came in, I bought 5! I left one for another lucky person. The flavor of your ice cream is heavenly. When I find a chunk of ginger, I bite into it and savor the wonderful sweet, pungent flavor. Those must be some contented cows as that cream is to die for. I will be a constant customer so keep that ice cream a-comin’.

Happily yours,


Santa Rosa, CA

Subject: Commendation from a world traveler

Your Ginger ice cream is one of the finest ice creams I have tasted anywhere in the world–and I am a world traveler! I can’t wait to try the others. Utterly delectable.

R.H., Ph.D.

Subject: I’m Addicted

Dear Reeds Folks:

Well, you all have really derailed me. Here I was about to give up on sugar, on chocolate, and then I saw Chocolate Ginger ice cream in the health food supermarket. How could I not buy it, take it home, and eat the entire pint in one sitting (Oh, I have a potential cure for this: sell it in individual serving cups, so I can eat a whole container – it’ll just be a little container)? And how could I not keep buying it every week, and tell everyone else – even my poor lactose intolerant pals – about how I’d discovered the most delicious food ever made on planet earth?

Okay. I forgive you. I did want to mention that today’s batch presented me with a curious dilemma: while the chocolatey, gingery ice cream itself was sumptuous as always, there was a little something different. It seemed to have very little candied ginger in it. I had to eat the entire pint, of course, to determine just how little ginger candy there was. Just thought you might like to know… the number thingy on the carton is 08274 93393. I guess I’ll just have to buy lots more to make sure the rest are okay.

I have big plans for your chocolate ginger ice cream. I think it should become a ubiquitous product, right there on street corners in New York with knishes and Sabrett’s hot dogs. It should be our national crepe, the American blintz, the U.S. national steamed red bean bun. I don’t ever want to be anywhere without this ice cream again.

So, thanks… I guess. By the way, I need to borrow a few bucks to get some new clothes. I seem to have gone up a dress size since I discovered this stuff.



Subject: How About Some Recipes on your Website?

One of my faves…

Chill a Tall drinking Glass in your freezer Remove after very well chilled Add generous scoop of Ginger Ice Cream Pour chilled Extra Ginger Brew Over Ice Cream Garnish with Cherry or Mint Leaf (optional)

And, then…enjoy!


Subject: Choco-Ginger

As a self appointed ice cream connoisseur, I have to say that the Chocolate Ginger ice cream is the absolute best creation of our time! Thank you so much.

Subject: ice cream

I stumbled across your chocolate ginger ice cream at Fairway in NY the other evening and now can’t wait to get back and buy more. I’m a confirmed ginger addict who keeps the crystalized stuff around as a favorite “pick me up”. And I’ve baked a favorite fresh ginger angel food cake from time to time and sourrounded it with a bittersweet chocolate syrup. Now I can get the ginger and chocolate tastes that I love in your icecream…with organic ingredients too!

I’m looking forward to trying out the other flavors when I find them.

Thank you!



Subject: green tea ginger ice cream

hello everyone at reeds

i just read your request for feedback, on the side of my green tea ginger ice cream container. i like it. as a matter of fact, if i were to cut out all ice creams and only keep one flavor, this would be it. no kidding. it is that good.

keep up the good work. i look forward to testing out other ginger sensations you come up with.


one satisfied customer with only positive feedback

Subject: comment on ginger icecream

warmest greetings!

i recently tried your ginger icecream, ginger flavor. actually my wife and i have had quite a few pints this past month. why? because this is a heavenly flavor. on a scale of one to ten this is not on the scale. i don’t konw where to put this except top deserts of all time on all planets. we try to eat only eat organic foods and were happy to see the dairy has applied for organic certification. we love the texture, the creaminess, ginger candy, flavor and eveything about this icecream.

keep up the good work,


Subject: your awsome icecream!

warmest greetings!

just discovered your ginger ice cream today at earthbeam in burlingame ca.. i bought all the containers the store had in stock!

i first found ginger ice cream years ago in a little thai restaurant in Santa Cruz. it sounded so weird that i just had to try it. have been hooked on ginger ever since. i’d drive down to santa cruz just for the ice cream!! but, alas, the restaurant went out of business.

the closest i’ve been able to come to ginger nirvana is your reeds ginger brew, which i absolutely love. and now finding your ginger ice cream today.. well i am in ginger heaven.

please please keep on making it!! and i am going to look into buying stock so that i can enjoy the ice cream from “my company”.

blessings to all,


Subject: Praising Reed’s Ginger Artists

Yep, another member of the GingerCult checkin’ in with high praise for the Reed’s Ice Cream Team.

My hats are off to the Kitchen Magicians who conjured up the most recent gingered additions.

As much as I love both Vanilla and Chocolate Ginger it is the Green Tea Ginger ice cream that I can’t quite get enough of. The label is aesthetically soothing. The idea is a wild Aha! The flavor and consistency are off the charts and my Inner Doctor prescribes regular doses!

Thank you Reed’s. Here’s to a completely organic enterprise and a wholesome New Year.

S.M., Chatham, New York




Subject: ginger/chocolate ice cream


there’s no shortage of high quality, imaginatively flavored ice creams these days. so it’s not easy to make a truly distinguished and unusual product. HOWEVER … your chocolate/ginger ice cream is without doubt one of the best ice creams i have ever eaten. whoever thought up the flavor combination is an inspired genius.

the chocolate is for real; the ginger pieces are for real! and the stuff has just the right amount of fat to be rich and delicious; some premium ice creams — godiva, for example — use too much fat.

hats off to your company! please, do not EVER take this product off the market!


encinitas, CA

Subject: Awesome Ice Cream

Your chocolate ginger ice cream is the most awesome thing I have ever tasted. I’m an addict. Keep up the good work.


Scotia, NY

Subject: At Last

A ginger fiend, that’s me! The Extra Ginger Brew is my cup of tea, so to speak.

But, your ice creams, notably the chocolate ginger, I’ve been waiting all my life for them.

Roses are red, Ginger is brew, And ginger now Is ice cream too!


Eugene, Oregon

Subject: Green Tea Ice Cream

Hi. I am a long time fan of reeds brews. Yesterday I found a pint of reeds ginger green tea ice cream… it is the greatest thing that has happened to me all week. You guys are smart and i am grateful for the wonders of your stuff.

much love, T.

Dear Reeds,

I am writing to thank you for all of your ginger products. i have just today purchased your ginger ice for the first time- i absolutely love it!! I have introduced your ginger brew products to so many of my friends, and with the exception of two (defected tastebuds) everyone loves the ginger brew. One family in Michigan buys it buy the case because there is no local dealer. I have emailed my friends to announce the ginger ice, and given out bites to those close. Once again thank you from me and all of my tastebuds.


Subject: Thank You

Dear Reeds,

I recently discovered Reed’s Ginger ice cream, carried at Sun Harvest Farms health food store (owned by Wild Oats), in Austin, TX. What geniuses you are. I like all 3 flavors, vanilla ginger, the green tea ginger, and probably the chocolate best.

When I eat this ice cream, the generous chunks of ginger remind me of my cruise aboard the Queen Elizabeth 2 ship, which has tureens of crystallized ginger for passengers to ward off seasickness. While aboard I faithfully ate the ginger, as I am averse to taking the seasickness shots. So I have fond memories of the cystallized ginger.

So you can imagine my delight at finding your ice cream at Sun Harvest.

In fact, we’re out of Reed’s ice cream right now, and I plan a trip today to the store to stock up on now.

My partner’s favorite is the vanilla– so I have to make sure to buy some of that in addition to my favorite, the chocolate.

J.G., a really happy consumer


P.S. Your product is so wonderful, I HAD to track you down– I read the carton to see how to contact you, and found your web address. Many thanks for such a delightful product.

Dear Reed’s

This is the best ice-cream I have ever tasted. No doubt about this.

It reminds me strongly of the ginger ice my mother used to make.



Dear Reed’s

I was in a natural food store in another city today and discovered your ginger ice cream. Very good!!! Next time I am in that city I will be taking along a cooler and bringing back several cartons to give to a couple of friends to try out. I had tried the ‘brews’ before and liked them. But this was a great discovery. Thanks for your products and it was nice to read on the label that you are working on organic milk/cream for the ice cream.

Thank you.


Dear Reed’s

Just had to tell you … Your Chocolate Ginger Ice Cream is *Awesome* I’m not even supposed to eat dairy, but I can’t resist the occassional indulgence of your yummy ice cream. And if you ever decide to try a soy-based product, I’d be *so* happy (and could more!)

Thanks for the great work!


Dear Reed’s

Incredible! Outstanding! Scintillating! I could go on but will spare you the details. Your ginger ice cream is like no other ice cream ever! It even replaces chocolate/hazelnut, which was my favorite before finding Reed’s ginger ice cream. Of course, I always check to see if a dairy used BGH and seeing that they have applied for organic status makes it clear that they don’t. Thanks for the superb product and the great drinks too.

Georgia, a fan

Dear Reed’s

We here at the Wilson house have one thing to say about Chocolate Ginger Ice Cream. BIGGER CONTAINERS!!!!! I really find this the very best ice cream experience I’ve ever had. I’m over 55, so I’ve had a little ice cream. Thanks for the yummie treat. I liked it so much, I inquired about your stock!




Dear Reed’s

I just tried both your green tea and chocolate ice creams. They are delicious! Thanks for making them.


Pittsburgh, PA


Dear Reed’s

My mom and I recently found your ice creams and we love it! It is definitely my favorite. I’ve tried the chocolate and ginger and hope to find the green tea soon. Please keep us the good work.

Yours in ginger,

G. in AZ


Dear Reed’s

It’s about time someone made ginger ice cream. I have tried both the ginger and the green tea ginger and liked them very much. I particularly appreciate your concern about buying from an about-to-be organic dairy and about using natural ingredients. Thank you and best wishes.

Dear Reed’s


I purchased a pint of your ginger ice cream for the first time a few weeks ago…and then I purchased another a few days later…and another soon after that. You see, I LOVE ginger ice cream, and up until my discovery of yours in a local Andronico’s market, I had to travel down to a crazy little ice cream parlor in Santa Cruz, CA called Marianne’s. They have amazing ginger ice cream. But yours is perhaps even better. My friends and I have been making fruit tarts with the peaches and plums from our yard, and your ginger ice cream is the perfect accompaniment.

Thank you for making this ice cream. I keep asking myself why it took me so long to discover it.

There’s only one thing I would suggest to improve your product: unbleached paper cartons.

Once again, thank you! You’ve got a die hard fan on your hands. I take ginger very seriously!


Berkeley, CA

PS: I also love your brews.

Dear Reed’s

I just tasted your ginger ice cream for the first time today and WOW! It has been an extremely hot day today and this was the perfect treat to beat the heat.

I will ask my food coop to start carrying the other ginger ice cream flavors (chocolate,green tea). I look forward to tasting those as well.

I also appreciate the simple list of ingredients (no preserve/chemicals) and your commitment to organic dairy farms!

Sincerely & Gingerly, A.L.

Dear Reed’s

Subject: Mo’ Praise

Your green tea ginger ice cream is out of this world – I’ve been a B&J’s devotee since they operated out of an old gas station on Church Street in Burlington, and I worked as a kid at Farrell’s in San Diego, so I’ve been around the block with ice creams and can honestly say Reeds’ is the best ever. Hasten me your stock info as I have requested. (And please can you bring your ice creams to Von’s in La Costa, CA – I have to drive too far to get it!)

Subject: To the folks at Reed’s INC.,


Thank you for your outstanding product, Virgil’s Cream Soda – it truly has a unique flavor that elates and quenches my thirst. After drinking your beverage, I did, in fact, swear that it was made in heaven.

Tyler Dowdy