Ginger is magic?

Magic by garethjmsaunders

Magic by garethjmsaunders

For countless years Ginger has been a part of the fabric of mankind. We use it in medicine and in our culinary efforts. But I had no idea that it was magic!

Now let me preface this entire blog with a disclaimer: If anyone from some sort of authority is reading this I am not saying that ginger is actually magic or has any magical properties of any kind. I was reading up about magic because a friend invited me to the magic castle to watch a performance of “prestidigitation”, which is a really big fancy word for card tricks. I am interested in all sorts of stuff and I find magic kinda cool, in an almost nerdy way.

So anyway, while I was reading up on Magic and its history I found an article on “The magickal properties of ginger”. Wow. First off I had never seen magic spelled that way and second, what? Ginger is magic?!!

Apparently Ginger has magickal(sic) properties associated with love, money, success and power.

Well, I drink a lot of Ginger brew (and root beer, but whose counting, right?) and I hate to break it to whomever wrote that but I am not sure about all of the above. I am actually rather lucky in that I do have love.  I tell you this not in a gloating way, I am just blessed. However, money, success and power? I don’t know if I feel comfortable pronouncing that Money and Power will be yours if you drink ginger brew. Weird. That was a lot to take in on its own but it went on!

From helping you get money to getting rid of tropical storms, ginger apparently has been used to do it all.

In fact I am going to tell you about some fantastic uses for ginger you probably won’t believe! I don’t know if I do…but they are entertaining!