Reeds: ginger’s magic history

In the last blog I told you I had found an article telling us all about the magical  properties of ginger. It seems that the more I find out about ginger the more intrigued I get by the history and use of the root.

According to the people in the know (and I use that concept rather loosely) spells and magic can be enhanced by the use of ginger. Apparently when you perform a spell you should eat ginger first as the article said “The warming properties will lend the spells power by heating you up.” Well, I don’t know about you but I am not particularly comfortable casting love spells or any kind of spell for that matter.

You never know what you are messing with when you start playing with spells and just eating/drinking ginger makes it more powerful!?! Holy moly. Besides the usual claims of “love spells” etc they also seem to claim that ginger root attracts money. They go so far as to recommend sprinkling ginger powder in your pockets or even on actual money to attract wealth as well.

Some people are really crazy. It is amazing to me how the human mind can decide what is real and what is only imagined. For instance, we know that Ginger has healing properties and also is an incredibly powerful herb in its own right.

However I don’t now if I believe in all its glorified uses. The natives of Dobu Island in the middle of the pacific seemingly chew ginger root and then once they have masticated the root enough, they simply spit it out right at oncoming storms! That is right. Storms! They believe that spitting the ginger at the storm will stop it in its tracks.

No matter what you believe, it seems that around the world ginger has more uses than just stopping a tummy ache.

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