St Patrick’s Day-After Cure

There is a mathematical rule that applies to St. Patrick’s Day. The amount of fun you have on March 17th, no matter how infinite, is directly proportionate to how terrible you feel the next morning. But Reed’s Ginger Brew is here to fight this unfortunate rule and get you back to your life.

The properties of ginger have been known throughout history to battle the unfortunate side effects of a long night of drinking: pounding headaches, nausea, and dehydration. Our Ginger Brews are water-brewed from fresh and spicy ginger.  The Extra Ginger Brew has the biggest punch with 17 grams of ginger in each bottle. That is enough to fight any angry Irish hangover.






Ginger has been tested as a natural anti-vomiting action and has been shown to reduces all symptoms associated with motion sickness including dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and cold sweating. In a double-blind trial, ginger brought about a significant reduction in both the severity of nausea and number of attacks of vomiting in 19 of 27 women in early pregnancy. If it can combat morning sickness it can combat the 4 Irish Car-Bombs your stomach is regretting this morning.


And you’ll probably remember your mother recommending a carbonated ginger ale for your tummy ache as a kid. The rule still applies (sort of) to nausea. The carbonation breaks up the stomach acid and helps relieve your stomach but grabbing just any carbonated beverage can be dangerous. Most sodas are packed with chemicals and artificial sweeteners and can make symptoms worse. Even most other ginger sodas don’t have fresh ginger and won’t do much for relieving your nausea or headache.



Ginger is also an anti-inflammatory which helps relieve the pounding headache that you are experiencing. It eases inflamed blood vessels and stops the unbearable loud noises and yelling.


Reed’s Ginger Brew’s tries to keep the recipe simple with only ginger, fresh spices and sweetened with honey and pineapple juice which are also known to be strong nausea fighting ingredients.


Pick up a 4-pack of Ginger Brews and a bottle of water on your way to the office this morning and you’ll be ready for Margarita’s by Happy Hour.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!